VAT Services

Our key focus in this segment of our service would be to

  1. Review the existing business model
  2. Understand it’s accounting process requirements
  3. Design a suitable accounting process
  4. Recommend appropriate software that has the following integrated solution:
    • Finance
    • Inventory
    • Costing
    • Budgeting
    • HR and CRM
  5. Implement the Accounting System
  6. Periodically review the new system

In today’s complexity of information overload, the accounting systems must be such that it would strive to increase efficiency and enhance productivity of the business resources in general and bring to management attention all the critical information well in advance. So, the accounting system which is scalable for future expansion and the one that will help the management with all the relevant information, can add value for business in addition to fulfilling statutory requirements.

We help clients by guiding them with fundamental accounting requirements that will compliment and enhance the success of their business. With our strong and in-depth knowledge and experience in accounting, we can help clients manage their business in a planned manner, that will keep them in better control of their business, capable to manage and address any business related adverse situation.

Our key deliverables in this segment of our service include:

  1. Setting up of appropriate accounting procedures
  2. Recommend if existing accounting software needs to be changed
  3. Provide the specialized training for the accounting staff
  4. Periodical updation of accounts
  5. Regular review and reporting of accounts
  6. Preparation of forecasts, budgets and projections
  7. Regular supervision of accounting functions

Finance is a life force for a business to exist as to how important blood is for human body. If any organization is not doing well or heading towards its closure, one main cause would be that its finance being not managed properly, both procurement and their utilization. In VAT we help our clients to manage their finance most effectively from the inception of the business to its current day to day operations through our following financial management services:

  1. Review and guidance on optimum Capital structure
  2. Capital budgeting for new Projects and Expansion
  3. Risk analysis for investments of any size
  4. Financial analysis to ensure the liquidity and solvency
  5. Finance planning to achieve business objectives
  6. Project feasibility studies to ensure the business viability
  7. Procurement of finances with optimum finance cost
  8. Guidance on working capital management

Both new and established companies can benefit from our thorough industry knowledge and specialized skills in financial management that has been tested and put to use successfully for over more than two decades in different regions across various industries.

In VAT we guide our clients from the inception of conceiving the business idea. We study in detail the business idea and then prepare a project report that will include the project feasibility and financial feasibility along with our recommendations for changes that may be needed to make the project operationally and financially a viable one.

Some of the studies include

  1. Diagnosing the business idea through SWOT analysis
  2. Financial modeling, IRR, NPV etc
  3. Sensitivity and scenario analysis
  4. Cash Flow projections to understand and mitigate cash flow gap
  5. Sourcing the investors for new and existing business
  6. Operational and technical guidance from knowledge base
  7. Special Report on project processes and operations
  8. Report on regulatory, tax and legal requirements

The most critical thing that makes a business project successful or unsuccessful is how thorough we are with the project’s operational and financial feasibility reports and useful information even before venturing into that business.

To control cost and improve cost efficiency, enhance profitability and for effective management, VAT provides cost analysis and cost reduction solutions with the help of unique costing models and techniques. With our multi professional skills and practical insights that were gained in different industries and regions over a period of many years. With our unique analysis and recommendations we help companies with sustainable solutions that will improve their performance and cost effectiveness.

Cost Analysis and Cost Reduction include following activities:

  1. Cost benefits analysis-CBA — Here we critically question every expense Vs the benefit derived from them.
  2. Cost Process Efficiency — this exercise will bring out the improvements in cost effectiveness and in operational processes.
  3. Cost assessment — a detailed analysis of quantitative and qualitative aspects of products and processes to improve their cost efficiencies.
  4. ABC costing – Activity Based Costing, a tool to address any loss making company to turnaround by understanding, improving or eliminating the unprofitable, products, services, process and activities.
  5. Cost & Profit Center — Through this the costs are captured with associated activities, departments, segments classified as profit or cost centers based on the business requirements.

After understanding the existing business and its activities in depth, we help devise appropriate cost and profit centers, use various costing tools and techniques that would improve the efficiency of every activity, processes, product, service, divisions, and departments in particular and thereby enhance the overall profitability of the organization as a whole. This greatly helps organizations to be profitable even when there is a tough competition, as its service and products become most cost effective and economical.

We have the most specialized talents coupled with excellent professional skills and wealth of experience in managing and turning around underperforming or loss making businesses to become profitable and healthy.

VAT experts with their specialized skills, can diagnose the business health by identifying problem areas quickly and come out with business viability or revival solutions. We assume responsibility to critically analyze the reason for the current situation and come up with a restructuring plan to turn-around business.

Our services for business restructure or revival will have following steps:

  1. Complete review of existing business operations
  2. In depth analysis of financial data to understand the cause
  3. Risk analysis of current situation and the future business risks
  4. Identify Restructuring Solutions to revive the business

Ascertaining the fair value of the target businesses for Mergers and Acquisitions and their Due Diligence is a vital requirement before entering into such transactions.

We offer a complete range of services related to business valuation, mergers and acquisition. With our extensive experience coupled with international exposure and with various industrial segments – we are quite successful in carrying out such value transactions amidst the complexity of mergers and acquisitions. We provide complete assistance throughout a merger including joint venture setup. We guide our clients with every step starting from initiating dialogue with potential buyers, transaction documentation and business plan that will pave the road to merger excellence.

Following are the gist of activities for MA:-

  1. Check clients current liquidity and financial health
  2. Identify opportunities that adds value to our clients business
  3. Lead the negotiation process armed with our expertise
  4. Advice and assist with funding the acquisition
  5. Assist in optimum Capital structuring
  6. Create and work with a transition team

Every business establishment whether mainland or free zone must be aware of current respective UAE laws to enhance business and also to avoid unnecessary difficulties with the official procedures. New businesses that would like to setup in UAE also need to know and adhere to various applicable rules in order to avoid future issues.

VAT helps guide companies in

  1. Commercial Law related matters
  2. Labour Laws and WPS procedures
  3. Free zone rules & regulations
  4. Licensing process & costs
  5. Import & export process & duties

Starting a new company can be exhaustive and time consuming for many and may face various obstacles. VAT provides consultancy for agreement drafting & licensing procedures in the UAE, Free Zones, Offshore & Overseas.

We help companies setup business here with ease.

  1. Offshore Company Formation in all Major Jurisdictions
  2. Company Management and Administration
  3. Corporate Structuring and Re-Structuring
  4. Branch Registration of Foreign Corporations
  5. Establishments of Trusts and Foundations
  6. Trusteeship and provision of Foundation Councils
  7. Corporate Tax Planning
  8. Compliance and Risk Assessment
  9. Assistance in Trade Mark & IP registration